Father Callan (complete)

Father Charles Jerome Callan (1877-1962) is perhaps best known for his English translation of The Catechism of the Council of Trent (co-edited with his friend Fr. John McHugh). He was a scripture scholar and theologian who published a number of commentaries and devotional works. In 1916 he was named co-editor (along with Fr. McHugh) of the Homiletic Monthly & Catechist. They soon changed the name of the publication to THE HOMILETIC AND PASTORAL REVIEW, and Fr. Callan served as editor or co-editor from 1916 to 1961, 45 years! See the Charles J. Callan Page at amazon.com.

Introduction to the Epistle to the Romans.

Romans Chapter 1.

Romans Chapter 2.

Romans Chapter 3.

Romans Chapter 4.

Romans Chapter 5.

Romans Chapter 6.

Romans Chapter 7.

Romans Chapter 8.

Romans Chapter 9.

Romans Chapter 10.

Romans Chapter 11.

Romans Chapter 12.

Romans Chapter 13.

Romans Chapter 14.

Romans Chapter 15.

Romans Chapter 16.


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