Sermon Plan: The Ascension

These notes can be used for homily ideas, points for meditation or further study. For more resources on the Ascension go here.

“Jesus . . . was taken up to Heaven.”
Mark 16:19

Ascension Day one of the greater feasts of the year. Commemorating the re-opening of Heaven to man. Our Lord’s Ascension, prefigured in Elijah: 2 Kings 2-4. Worthy of due celebration and consideration.

Jesus taken up:

I. By His own divine power, as able to do all things. After blessing His Holy Mother and the Disciples,

II. From Mount Olivet, near the scene of His humiliations.

III. Body and Soul together.

a. Reunited for ever in His Resurrection.

b. Thus is our human nature raised to the pinnacle of glory.

IV. Accompanied by the souls from Limbo:

a. Glorious procession of the Saints of the Old Law.

b. Procession still continuing of souls from Earth and Purgatory,

V. Yet He still remains with us: “I will not leave you orphans.” Jn 14:18.

a. In the Church He had established: Matt 28:20.

b. In the Sacrament of His Love: John 6:52.

c. In His Vicar, the supreme Pontiff: Matt 16:18.

d. In our Souls, by His grace: John 14:23.


I. Not denoting posture, impossible in God.

II. But implying :

a. The dignity of the Son of God, equal to the Father.

b. The royal and judicial powers of Christ.

c. Unchanging repose and beatitude.

d. The throne befitting His sovereignty.

On the right hand:

I. Not that God has hands, for He is a pure spirit,

II. But denoting the place of honour. King Solomon and his mother: 1Kings 2:19.

III. Christ, as Man, has the second throne in Heaven. As Joseph was next to Pharao in Egypt: Gen 41:4o.

IV. Christ has the highest place in Heaven, above every creature.

The Ascension is, in regard to

I. God: the perfecting of the end of His creation of Man.

II. Our Lord: an act of restitution and reward: (glory for shame).

III. The Church: the cause of

a. The coming of the Holy Ghost: John 16:7.

b. The Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament,

IV. Man:

a. A revival of his hope of Heaven.

b. A motive for virtue and good works.

c. A comfort in trial: sursum corda!


1. Congratulate Our Lord on His magnificent triumph,

2. The Ascension should strengthen our Faith, Hope and Charity,

3. Prepare now for Pentecost, like the Apostles.

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