Commentaries and Resources for the Study of the Gospel of St Matthew


St Jerome in His Study

In 5 weeks (Nov 27) the Church will begin a new liturgical year and, consequently, a new lectionary cycle. This year the Sunday Gospel readings will focus upon Matthew and, as always, this Gospel will be read daily during weeks 10-21 of Ordinary Time. For this reason I thought I would list the following resources on the Gospel of St Matthew.  Some works listed have abbreviations accompanying them. The abbreviations and their meaning are as follows: (OLF) indicates a resource available online for free. (ES) indicates a book that is part of a series of books ecumenical in scope, i.e., some of the authors in the series are Protestant, Orthodox, Jewish, etc.



Matthew: His Mind and His Message. Peter F. Ellis. Published in 1974 and now out of print. Somewhat outdated in certain respects but overall it still provides an outstanding introduction to Matthew’s theology, and an interesting view regarding the structure of the Gospel.

(OLF) Introduction to Matthew. Dom Henry Wansbrough, O.S.B. An online booklet in pdf format. Father Wansbrough was the general editor of the New Jerusalem Bible and was part of the editorial committee for the New Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture (to which he contributed several commentaries and articles). A fairly up-to-date bibliography of his works can be found here.

(OLF) Pontifical Bible Study on St Matthew. Audio recordings. See the links under the heading “Pontifical Bible Study 2010”. The series continued into 2011.

(OLF) St Irenaeus Ministries Podcast Study on Matthew’s Gospel. Audio. The series began in December of 2009 and continued through April 2010. Use the archive links on the right side of the page to navigate through the series. For the months January-April 2010 you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page and work your way up in order to listen to the series in order.

(OLF) Notes on Passages Used in the Sunday and Weekday Lectionary. Various authors, ancient and modern.

(ES) The Gospel of Matthew: Interpreting Biblical Texts Series. Father Donald Senior, C.P. Part 1 of the book looks at “what have been the chief issues under discussion concerning Matthew’s gospel.” Part 2 “enters into the narrative world of Matthew itself by means of a ‘reading guide’ that takes us through the gospel chapter by chapter and scene by scene.” Father Senior is the General Editor of The Catholic Study Bible and the bi-monthly publication The Bible Today. He was co-editor of the 22 volume NT commentary series New Testament Message and contributed to that series the commentary on 1 & 2 Peter. He is a recognized authority on Matthew’s Gospel and on the Passion Narratives.

(ES). Invitation to Matthew. Father Donald Senior, C.P. See above concerning Father Senior. This volume is part of the Doubleday New Testament Commentary Series. This highly successful series is now out of print but used copies can still be found. A revised and updated single volume containing commentary on the 4 gospels is available.

What Are They Saying About Matthew? Father Donald Senior (see above). An overview and assessment of recent scholarship on Matthew. “In a clear and readable fashion, Senior investigates and then explains the major issues that dominate the study of Matthew today: the background of the evangelist and his community, the structure and the purpose of the gospel, the relationship of the gospel to Judaism, and the gospel’s portrayal of Jesus, discipleship, and church.”

The Mystery of the Kingdom (Kingdom Studies Series). Edward Sri.Can be used for personal study or in the context of a study/discussion group. Focuses on the Kingdom of Heaven, the dominant theological theme of Matthew. Dr. Sri recently published a new volume on Matthew for the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture series (see further below). For more about Dr. Sri.

The Gospel According to Matthew: Ignatius Catholic Study Bible Series. Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch. Dr. Hahn is a well known author and has done a number of series on the Bible for EWTN. Often thought of as nothing more than a popularizer of scripture he has published numerous scholarly articles and essays in various books and journals. He is founder and president of the St Paul Center for Biblical Theology and Editor of its yearly Letter and Spirit Journal: A Journal of Catholic Biblical Theology. His monumental work Kinship By Covenant: A Canonical Approach to the Fulfillment of God’s Saving Promises is part of the Yale Anchor Bible Reference Library. Concerning Curtis Mitch.

Vol. 1; Vol. 2; Vol. 3 Fire of Mercy Heart of the Word. Erasmo Leiva Merikakis. A massive 3 volume exegetical/meditative commentary.


The Navarre Bible: St Matthew’s Gospel. Part of an outstanding devotional and theological commentary series on the Bible by the faculty of the University of Navarre. The series was the brainchild of St Josemaria Escriva,, the founder and first chancellor of the university. The commentaries on the NT are available in three different editions. I recommend the Standard Edition which consists of 12 volumes. Some of these volumes contain general introductory essays not available in the other two editions. The Readers Edition  is a good choice for those looking to save a little money. It consists of 3 volumes: 1. The Four Gospels and Acts; 2. The Letters of St Paul; 3. Revelation, Hebrews, and the Catholic Letters. The commentaries are identical to the standard edition but do not contains the general introductory essays. The Compact Edition is a single volume and provides short introductions to the NT books and succinct commentary. This edition would be a good resource for beginners.

(ES) Abingdon New Testament Commentary-Matthew. Father Donald Senior.

The Gospel of Matthew (The Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture). Curtis Mitch and Edward Sri. This series has been highly praised by the likes of Cardinal Schonborn, Cardinal Vanhoye, Archbishop Chaput, Robert Louis, Wilken, Father Kenneth Baker, and Father Aidan Nichols. Twelve volumes are currently available. Three more volumes (Luke; Romans; Galatians) are scheduled for release in 2017.

The Great Commentary of Cornelius a Lapide on the Four Gospels. Between 1614 and 1635 Father Lapide wrote commentaries on all the books of the Catholic Bible except for Job and Psalms. These commentaries were immensely popular and influenced scholars, preachers and saints for several centuries.

Lifting the Burden: Reading Matthew’s Gospel in the Church Today. By Father Brendan Byrne.

St Hilary of Poitier’s Commentary on Matthew (Fathers of the Church Series).

St Jerome’s Commentary on Matthew (Fathers of the Church Series).

(ES) Matthew 1-13 (Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture Series). The series is described as “a unique twenty-eight volume series encompassing all of Scripture and offering contemporary readers the opportunity to study for themselves the key writings of the early church fathers.

(ES) Matthew 14-28 (Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture Series). See above.

The Gospel of Matthew (Sacra Pagina Series). Daniel J Harrington. Father Harrington is a leading authority on the Gospel of Matthew.

The Gospel of Matthew. Rudolph Schnackenburg.

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