Book of Hebrews Audio Study

The following audio appears courtesy of St Irenaeus Ministries.


Chapter One.

Chapter Two.

Chapters Three and Four.

Christ Our High Priest. End of ch. 4.

Excursus on Holiness. Takes a closer look at 4:14-16.

Spiritual Milk. 5:11-ch. 6.

Apostasy and Promise. Ch. 6 continued.

Melchizedek, Aaron and Christ. Ch 7.

A Better Covenant. Ch. 8.

The Old and New Covenants. Beginning of ch 9,

Diatheke: A Study of the Word for “Covenant.” Ch. 9 continued.

Finality and Sufficiency of Christ’s Sacrifice. Ch. 10.

Faith: Introduction to Chapter 11.

The Faith of the Ancients. Ch. 11.

Disciplines of the Lord. Ch. 12.

Conclusion. Ch. 13.

Review of Lessons Learned From Hebrews.




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