Commentaries for the Sundays of Advent, Year C (and Other Resources)


First Sunday of Advent, Year C.

Second Sunday of Advent, Year C.

Third Sunday of Advent, Year C.

Fourth Sunday of Advent, Year C.


Cardinal Newman’s 1st Advent Lecture: The Time of the Antichrist.

Cardinal Newman’s 2nd Advent Lecture:The Religion of the Antichrist.

update 05/12/15 Cardinal Newman’s 3rd Advent Lecture: City of the Antichrist.

Update 17/ 12/15. Cardinal Newman’s 4th Advent Lecture: The Persecution of the Antichrist.

Update 06/12/15 St Bernard’s 1st Advent Sermon.

Update: 12/12/15 St Bernard’s 2nd Advent Sermon.

Bible Study: The Second Coming of Christ.

Audio: St Paul On The Second Coming.  Sorry, forgot to time the length, but it’s rather long.

Audio:  The Last Things In Time And Eternity.  13 part series on Eschatology (the study of the end) from EWTN.  Each show is approx. 30 minutes.

Eschatology: The Expectation Of The Parousia (i.e., Second Coming).  One of the weekly catechesis Pope Benedict XVI delivered during the Year of St Paul.

Vladimir Soloviev: A Prophet Unheeded: by Cardinal Biffi.  Summarizes Soloviev’s views on the Antichrist

The Jews And The Second Coming Of Christ: by Roy Schoeman.  Taken from his book SALVATION IS FROM THE JEWS.

Audio: The Antichrist.  This will cost you $1:50 to download.  A talk given by the late Father Vincent Miceli.  It focuses on Cardinal Newman’s famous advent talks (see above)  Approx. 50 minutes long.

St Hippolytus: On Christ And  Antichrist.

Victorinus: Commentary On The Apocalypse.

St Cyril of Jerusalem: The Twofold Coming Of Christ.

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